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Psychological Services Co-Sponsors Training for Professionals
(March 19, 2015) – OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center and CenterPointe Hospital are co-sponsoring a continuing education seminar for health care professionals. The training, The Medical and Psychological Aspects of Health, cost $15 and will be held on March 27, from 8 to 11 a.m. at OSF Saint Clare’s Medical Office Building Auditorium, located at 815 East 5th Street, Alton. Registration will start at 7:30 a.m. and breakfast will be included.
Pulmonology Patient Navigator Climbs Hancock in Memory of Father
(March 18, 2015) – On February 22, Kelly Keenan, Pulmonology and Cardiology Patient Navigator at OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center, climbed 94 flights of the John Hancock Center in Chicago in remembrance of her father, Bill Little.
What's Causing Your Dizzy Spells?
(March 13, 2015) – When Bessie Huber, of Bethalto, slipped in her garage and shattered her knee cap, she was forced to address her vertigo. The vertigo may have been caused by her medication, but there were many other possible causes as well – some serious and some not so serious. Bessie went to Dr. Keith Bonacquisti, an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist at OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center.
National Nutrition Month: Do You Eat a Healthy Breakfast?
(March 10, 2015)– Studies have found that breakfast eaters set and maintain a stable metabolism, avoiding the tendency to overeat later in the day. Breakfast eaters may also tend to follow a healthy lifestyle, making healthier choices about diet and exercise.
Testing for Colorectal Cancer
By Mark Klucka, D.O. -- (March 2, 2015) As a gastroenterologist, I am accustomed to the numerous excuses for not getting a colonoscopy. Typically, my patients seem anxious about the embarrassment or perceived pain or discomfort that they associate with the procedure. And they may think they are at low risk because they have had no symptoms.
Calendar of Upcoming Events
Calendar of OSF Saint Anthony's Upcoming Health Education and Community Events | For information, call 618-465-2264
Aging Well: Keeping An Active Mind!
(February 17, 2015) – Staying active is important for our overall health. But good health goes beyond staying physically active. Recent studies highlighted by the Department of Health and Human Services have found that an active mind is equally important.
Jump and OSF Leaders Attend Unveiling of MATTER Chicago
PEORIA, Ill. (February 13, 2015) – OSF HealthCare and Jump Trading Simulation & Education Center leaders today joined Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, Senator Dick Durbin and the heads of more than 50 health IT, medical device, diagnostic and biopharma startup companies to open MATTER Chicago.
Take Action to Beat Heart Disease
If you’re at risk for heart disease, we have good news for you. Many people can take steps to significantly reduce their chances of developing it. Even if you already have had a heart attack, there’s a lot you can do to prevent future heart problems
Doctors Establish Endowment at OSF Saint Anthony's
(February 10, 2015) – OSF Saint Anthony’s Foundation has announced the establishment of the Dr. Sadiq Mohyuddin, Mrs. Talat Gul Mohyuddin and Dr. Yusuf Mohyuddin Endowment to promote and enhance pulmonary medicine at OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center.
Wear Red and Think About Your Heart
(February 2, 2015) – Seemingly, a women’s risk of a heart attack has become obscured behind the cultural assumption that heart disease is a male problem. The fact remains that heart disease is the number one killer of women. And according to the American Heart Association, heart disease is more deadly than all forms of cancer combined.
One Woman's Freedom From Smoking
(January 27, 2014) – OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center offers the American Lung Association’s Freedom from Smoking program on Mondays, starting January 26 at 6 p.m. in the Auditorium of OSF Saint Clare’s Medical Office Building, 815 East Fifth Street. Shana Marshall, a two-pack a day smoker, attended last year’s smoking cessation program after attempting to quit numerous times since starting at age 15.
Saint Anthony’s Cancer Program Receives National Certification
(January 23, 2015) – The Commission on Cancer (CoC) of the American College of Surgeons has awarded Three-Year Approval with Commendation to the cancer program of OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center.
New Session of Freedom From Smoking Starts January 26

(January 19, 2015) – Help is available for smokers who want to kick the habit permanently - through an upcoming smoking cessation program from OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center. “Freedom from Smoking” starts with an orientation session on Monday, January 26 at 6 p.m. in the Auditorium of OSF Saint Clare’s Medical Office Building, 815 East Fifth Street.

Saint Anthony's Mission Partners Earn Certifications
(January 19, 2015) – Four Mission Partners on the Quality Management Team of OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center were recently certified by national organizations for their continued commitment to patient safety and quality care: Donna Rosenkranz, Crystal East, Lori Gray and Kelli Hurn.
American Diabetes Association Recognizes Saint Anthony's
(January 15, 2015) – The prestigious American Diabetes Association Education Recognition Certificate for a quality diabetes self-management education program was recently awarded to the OSF Saint Anthony’s Health Center Self-Management Skills Program on January 5, 2015. The program was originally recognized in February of 1992. ADA believes that this program offers high-quality education that is an essential component of effective diabetes treatment.
Saint Anthony's Volunteer Program Offers Opportunity to Give Back

(January 6, 2015) – Making social connections is important to your quality of life. Meeting new people can increase your chances for making friendships and connections that provide companionship, intellectual stimulation, humor, support, and joy. 

OSF Saint Anthony's Offers Grief Support
(January 5, 2015)  -- Regardless of how it occurs, the death of a loved one is never easy and sometimes individuals need help dealing with their grief after such a loss.
Making Your New Year's Resolution Stick
With the close of 2014, we embark upon a new beginning. And with the New Year comes resolutions. We prepare a shopping list of fixes, as if by miracle, that the clock striking midnight on January 1 will grant us the ability to change our habits and, therefore, our lives. Attempting a resolution is a noble effort usually lost to the powerful force of habit.
Saint Anthony’s Brings in Holidays with Snow Ball Fundraiser
(December 23, 2014) – OSF Saint Anthony’s Foundation kicked-off the holiday season with their 55th annual Snow Ball Dinner Dance at Lewis & Clark Community College. The event was co-hosted by Mr. Ajay and Dr. Niru Pathak and Mr. Mark and Mrs. Mary Jo Kratschmer with over 200 people in attendance. All proceeds from the Snow Ball, over $45,000, benefit OSF Saint Anthony’s commitment to enhancing cancer services in the River Bend area.
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