The Art of Healing


Naming rights are available for Mission Partner Art placed in areas of patient care throughout Saint Anthony's Health Center!   

Mission Partner sponsorships are priced from $500 to $1,000, Donor Name Plate located at Saint Clare's Hospitaland include a name plate in recognition of the donor. 

To reserve, please call the Foundation office at 618/463-5204. 

Make your Art of Healing donation online through secure online giving.  

Framed Artwork Available for Naming Rights  

A variety of framed artwork, including those shown below, are available for the Art of Healing donor project.  The beautifully photographed pieces are located in various patient care areas of Saint Anthony's Health Center and Saint Clare's Hospital.  

For information about the Art of Healing project, please call Saint Anthony's Foundation office at 618/463-5204.

 River Sunset by Dr. Rama Gondi 
River Sunset
 Lake Sunset by Dr. Rama Gondi 
Lake Sunset
 Orange Sunset by Dr. Rama Gondi 
Orange Sunset
 Foggy Morning by Dr. Rama Gondi 
Foggy Morning
 Rays of Sun by Dr. Rama Gondi 
Rays of Sun
 Water Wheel by Jenny Foppe 
Water Wheel
 Eagle in Flight by Jenny Foppe
Eagle in Flight
 Sunset by Jenny Foppe 
 Clark Bridge Sunset by Rosa Renner
Clark Bridge Sunset