Saint Anthony's Emergency Services

Emergency Hospital Care 24-Hours a day: 618/474-6260  

#1 Saint Anthony's Way, Alton

Serving the community with advanced technology and compassionate care, we offer: 

• Shorter wait times – patients are seen by a healthcare provider in under 20 minutes (per data released January 2013).

• 16-bed remodeled emergency department with new telemetry monitoring, enhanced surroundings including flat screen televisions and a comfortable healing environment. 

• Board certified emergency room physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and nurse assistants, trained in pediatric advanced life support and advanced cardiac life support. 

• Affiliation with the MidAmerica Stroke Network offers enhanced stroke care. 

• Teleneurology for individuals presenting with stroke symptoms includes immediate access to board certified, fellowship trained neurologists via telemedicine – day and night. 

• Designated as Emergency Department Approved for Pediatrics (EDAP) by the State of Illinois, Saint Anthony’s provides specialized emergency care for children – day or night. 

Stroke Awareness 

Learn about the types of stroke, risk factors for stroke, and why this major medical emergency requires rapid action: Stroke – Be Prepared to Act Fast.  

To help you remember the warning signs of stroke, the commonly used acronym is FAST.

Face: Sudden weakness in the face, sometimes resulting in drooping on one side of the face is a common sign. As a test, ask the person to smile; if she can’t, call 911.
Arms: The patient is likely to have sudden weakness or numbness of the arms or legs, usually on one side. This may make it difficult or impossible to walk or carry out routine tasks.
Speech: may be slurred or you may speak gibberish. Another test: say a simple phrase and ask the person to repeat it. If she can’t, call 911.
Time: is of the essence. If you see or experience any of these signs yourself, call 911 immediately


Triage System 

Using a multi-level triage system, our emergency department prioritizes true emergencies to ensure immediate care, ranking Saint Anthony’s Emergency Department in the top percentile in the country in patient satisfaction for enhanced patient flow and short patient wait times.


Saint Anthony's Physician Referral:  618-463-1234

Illinois Poison Center

Toll-free at 1-800-222-1222 - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; or  visit the Poison Control website for confidential poison advice and treatment recommendations. 

Treatment for Children  

Attention Parents! Provide permission for caregivers to authorize emergency care for a child using our Emergency Treatment Permission Form | Print the form or Request Emergency Treatment Form.  For more information, call 618/465-2264.  

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