Extended Care Facility  

The Extended Care Facility located at Saint Clare's Hospital, 915 East Fifth Street in Alton, serves adults and senior patients with illnesses or injuries resulting in the need for comprehensive skilled medical or rehabilitation services. The skilled nursing facility is designed to be an alternative for those patients who can benefit from rehabilitation at a slower pace than the acute rehabilitation unit. This program is ideal for patients with ongoing complex medical needs that require skilled nursing and therapy-based care by a variety of clinical disciplines in a coordinated, team approach. We render services to all patients and residents without regard to race, color or national origin. 

As a patient's endurance and condition improves, he or she may transition from Extended Care to the more intensive Acute Rehabilitation Unit. Our Extended Care unit is a more aggressive medical/rehabilitation option for patients who might have otherwise been placed in a nursing home. 

Persons served in the Extended Care setting include: 

  • Adults and senior patients who are medically/surgically stable with a diagnosis of stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, amputation, hip fracture or other orthopedic conditions, joint replacements, major multiple trauma, congenital deformity, polyarthritis or neurological disorders. 
  • Patients with medically complex conditions may also benefit from Extended Care, including patients who have or need:  IV therapy, cardiac disorders, respiratory disorders, diabetic care, ostomy care and wound care. 

Areas addressed in the Extended Care Facility include: 

  • Mobility -- wheelchair management, ambulation, strengthening, positioning, therapeutic exercise, balance, functional activities, and coordination. 
  • Health maintenance and education -- management of bowel and bladder, wounds, medication, nutrition and respiratory needs. 
  • Self-Care -- bathing, dressing, toileting, grooming, swallowing, eating, assistive devices. 
  • Communication -- speech, language, reading, writing; cognitive skills (attention, orientation, memory, problem solving, reasoning skills). 
  • Independent Living Skills -- cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning, home maintenance, joint protection, safety. 
  • Adjustment to Changes in Lifestyle -- body image, interpersonal skills, adaptive behavior and psychological issues. 
  • Education and Support for Patient/Significant Other 
  • Balance/Fall Prevention 
  • Spiritual Care 
  • Community Skills -- accessing transportation, home and community mobility, return to work skills and/or skills required to resume formal education, leisure skills. 

For more information about admitting qualifications or to make a referral, please call 618/463-5118. 


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