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The Mission
Saint Anthony’s Center for Pain Management is dedicated to reducing an individual’s suffering from pain and restoring his/her well-being through integration of non-surgical procedures, patient education, pharmacological, physical and psychological therapies. Successfully helping people in acute and chronic pain since 2005, Saint Anthony’s pain specialists understand that pain impacts all aspects of one’s life — from work and sleep, to hobbies and caring for loved ones. With a goal to alleviate symptoms in an atmosphere of mutual respect, hopefulness and professionalism, Saint Anthony’s Center for Pain Management offers relief and the tools a person needs to manage pain.

Pain Management Team 

Saint Anthony’s Center for Pain Management has a qualified, experienced, compassionate and personable team of medical providers. Individuals are served by fellowship trained interventional radiologists with special Saint Anthony's Pain Management Team interest in pain management, registered nurse and radiological technologist, physician assistant as well as physical and occupational therapists and psychologists. The team is supported by an office coordinator who helps to guide individuals through treatment planning.

The physicians who staff Saint Anthony’s Center for Pain Management are interventional radiologists. Their unique qualifications to read and interpret diagnostic studies — such as MRI’s, CT’s and x-rays — are combined with an expertise in pain-relieving procedures. As radiological specialists, they are able to zero in on the most probable cause of a person’s pain based on the studies. 


What we treat 

Conditions that are diagnosed and treated at Saint Anthony’s Center for Pain Management include:
• Back pain with and without pain radiation to legs (sciatica) due to herniated discs, facet joints arthropathy, spinal or foraminal stenosis, compression fractures
• Neck pain with or without pain radiation to arms (radiculopathy) due to herniated or bulged discs, facet joints arthropathy (arthritis), spinal stenosis
• Numbness, tingling, decreased sensation in legs or hands or difficulty walking due to spinal nerve root irritation from herniated discs or narrowing in the spinal column
• Certain types of headaches (occipital neuralgia, cervicogenic headaches, some migraines)
• Joint pain from osteoarthritis in sacroiliac joints, hips, knees, or shoulders
• Muscle pain and spasms
• Shingles 

Treatment Modalities

Saint Anthony’s Center for Pain Management offers an integrated approach to pain treatment. The primary tools to quickly relieve pain include image-guided Pain Management Radiologistprocedures and pharmacotherapy. However, to maximize benefits of procedures and medications we also recommend:
• Life style modifications such as healthier diet, weight reduction, smoking cessation, sleep hygiene
• Improving posture and work ergonomics
• Participation in physical therapy or other physical activity programs
• Stress reduction, relaxation techniques and wellness couching through psychological services


Image-guided treatments offered through Saint Anthony’s Center for Pain Management:
• Epidural Steroid Injections
• Caudal Steroid Injections
• Transforaminal Steroid Injections
• Facet Joint Blocks
• Medial Branch Nerve Blocks
• Sacroiliac Joint Injections
• Shoulders, Hips, Knees Injections
• Trigger Point Injections
• Peripheral Nerve Blocks  

Pain Management Procedure SuiteAll procedures are performed in a newly remodeled procedure suite, using state of the art fluoroscopy equipment and under sterile technique. Some procedures are performed to increase diagnostic accuracy and narrow down the possible origins of patients’ symptoms.

The Patient is #1 Focus
The healthcare professionals of Saint Anthony’s Center for Pain Management strive to create an atmosphere where individuals can share experiences and express expectations, goals and preferences in treatment. Each person’s origin — or etiology — of symptoms is discussed and thoroughly investigated. The treatment team allows individuals to regain control over their pain and returning to more enjoyable lifestyle. Location & Contact Information Saint Anthony’s Center for Pain Management is located in a beautifully remodeled area on the third floor of Saint Anthony’s Health Center. A spacious waiting room with panoramic views and flat screen TV, comforting exam room and the state of the art procedure room are featured. 

For more information about Saint Anthony’s Center for Pain Management, call 618-474-4866. Referrals may be faxed to 618-474-6314.


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